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- Testimonials -

Pork dish served with grilled onions, shredded lettuce, tomato and tortilla chips

What's up with Que Pasa? Let me tell you- great food, fast service, clean restaurant. What more could you want?

The restaurant is large and can accommodate parties of any size. We were seated quickly and immediately served chips and salsa and our drink orders taken. The menu is quite extensive but the waiter was very good about answering our questions and making recommendations. I had the Celeya Special- Mexican rice topped with chicken, steak, shrimp, peppers, onions and cheese sauce (not the gross yellow kind, the Mexican kind). It was served with hot tortillas. This was an enormous plate of food. Very tasty! Hot, fresh and well seasoned. Hubby had the carnitas. Braised pork and onions with rice, beans and avocado salad. Also served with warm tortillas. The carnitas were tender and delicious. Also an enormous potion. Margaritas come in a multitude of sizes and flavors. They also serve beer, wine and other mixed drinks.

This evening they featured a Mariachi band that added a nice ambience.

Portions are huge, prices are reasonable. Go check out what's up with Que Pasa, you won't be sorry!

- Alison N.
Affton, MO

"We ate here in mid-September, then again yesterday, mid-October. We've ordered four different meals and all four were great! Plus, their salsa is nice and spicy and not too tomato-ey. Chips were light and very tasty by themselves, with or without the salsa. Service was fine, we left a shade under a 25% tip, worth every penny. Terrific menu selection and we couldn't be happier we have a New Mexican restaurant in Fenton-High Ridge! Will come here again and again!"

- Jerry L.
High Ridge, MO

alcoholic drink
bar area

"A new mexican place in my neighborhood??? Of course I have to try it! I am soo happy I did. When we walked in we were immediately greeted by a man I believe was the owner welcoming us to the restaurant. We were seated in a booth and left to look at the menus. There was quite the selection on the menu. I ordered the chimichanga and my husband ordered the burrito rio grande. Once we sat down we were brought some chip and salsa. The salsa was spicy but not too spicy. Afterwards we were brought our meals. They were super yummy. The plates were huge. Service was excellent. We were never forgoten about while we sat at our booth, but we weren't bugged too much either. Once we paid for our meal we were given a coupon for our return trip which we will definitely be making soon."

- Sandra B.

"I love this place! I've been there many times but mostly do carry out on the way home from work. Portions are large, price is fair and certainly a good value for our family.

We've been going to Mexico for the last ten years, and yes we leave the resorts and have eaten at regular local restaurants, but find ourselves coming here after our vacations.

Simple truth is that there are better base ingredients here in the USA. Then have the meals prepared by people that care about what they are doing and not just punching a time clock for hours logged and you end up getting get great food.

Que Pasa is where it's at for great Mexican food in the Fenton. MO area"

                                                                                                                                                   -Stephen F.

                                                                                                                                                         Fenton, MO

Seafood salad with a bed of lettuce topped with shrimp, scallops, onions, bell peppers and cheese.
Burrito with melted cheese served with a side of guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo and more sauces


"Hands down the best Mexican food in the Fenton/High Ridge/House Springs area". And I've tried them all - multiple times. They have the best salsa and the chips are always fresh and not greasy. My favorite thing on the menu is the burrito grande. If you're feeling adventurous, try it with a fried egg or 2 on top. Also, they let you substitute black beans instead of refried, added bonus. My friends tell me they have great margaritas, I'm a beer drinker, so I can't judge. But love the jumbo Dos Equis draft.

The place is clean, but remember, you're in Jeffco and they do still allow smoking in restaurants (any of them), but only in one half. However, if you can't handle even a little bit, head to StLCo and don't come here and give a bad review because of the smoke. It's Jeffco baby - Man up or move on. And for the record, I'm not a smoker.!"

- Ronda T.
High Ridge, MO